Bible Study with a Diploma
The Bible Institute Network is a professionally planned, state of the art, online Biblical program. It is offered here at Family of God Community Church to those who want to know the word of God deeper and know Him like never before. This unique program allows you to study from the comfort of your own home, yet with the support of your Pastoral staff to answer questions and help you with both the technical, and most importantly, your deeper questions to understand the Bible even more fully.
Through an arrangement as an affiliate church your cost for this unique program is only $295 which is but a fraction of its true value. If you are interested in this wonderful learning opportunity please contact Pastor Bob La Force or Pastor Howard by clicking on their picture in the staff directory, or if you know this is what you both need and want, click on the banner below and get started!
Meet Your Instructor
Dr. Harold L. Willmington
Dr. Willmington is a renown Bible professor and teacher at Liberty University. He and his wife Sue have been at Liberty since 1972 and their son, Matt is the associate Pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church. Pastor Howard sat under Dr. Willmington for several years at Liberty during his training and has the deepest respect and trust in his teaching.
Dr. Willmington is a prolific author and has written numerous books including

Willmington’s Guide to the Bible which is a must have for any serious Bible Student. More information about your professor and a complete list of his books are available on The Bible Institute Networks site.